The Pomme Story

The Company

Listen up horse gals. This message is not about us. It’s about you. We are here to make the world of horses more accessible for you and every woman out there regardless of size, shape or background.

We think it’s about time to bring the world of horses into the 21st century. With styles and function fit for the riders of today. Let’s leave behind old beliefs and outdated expectations on how to look, behave and dress. And focus on you and your passion for our four legged friends.

It’s not all about winning competitions and shiny medals. It’s about the lifestyle. Waking up early on a weekend, when the sun is still down to see to your horse. The dirt under your nails and the sweat running down your forehead. Overcoming obstacles and bad weather.

But for you it’s worth it. You know why you do it. How all the hours of work you put in eventually pay off. To smash through that comfort zone of yours and became a stronger rider and build a deeper connection with your horse. The feels from galloping through the woods with the wind stroking your hair. The excitement just before your turn to jump. Or when the sun is setting after a long day in the stable and you feel awesome that you made it through. You are the CEO of the stable, the doer and your horse bff. You make things happen. You make things move.

It’s time for change. Let’s show the world what it really means to be a horse gal. Let’s celebrate the sassy, classy and badassy. Saddle up sister! We are here to make some noise. We are Pomme.